Is Cognac Special?


Here at Drinks In Tube we love Cognac, so we thought we’d try and answer some of your most pressing Cognac related questions:


Q. Why is Cognac called Cognac?

A. Cognac is named after a town in South West France, also known for producing Brandy & Eau De Vie.


Q. How is Cognac graded?

A.Cognac is separated into different grades; based on how long it is aged in an oak cask.

Very Special (VS): aged at least 2 years

Very Special Old Pale (VSOP): aged at least 4 years

Extra Old (XO): aged at least 10 years

Extra Hors d’age: aged between 30 and 50 years

Prestige Cognac: aged at least 100 years or older


Q. How is Cognac created?

A. Cognac is made by fermenting grapes. Fermentation takes place without the additional adding of antioxidants or sulphur, as it creates an undesirable taste in the final aged product. Due to a decree in 1936, it is forbidden to add sugar to the process, as it raises the alcohol level and changes the classic taste.


Q. How is Cognac served?

A. 60% of Cognac consumed across the world is sold as ‘on the rocks’. When Cognac is served on the rocks, it is best to serve on mineral water ice cubes, to avoid any trace of soapy taste from tap water ice cubes.


Q. Why is Cognac so special?

A. There are three major factors that make Cognac unique: quality of land, distillation method and (of course) the skill of the master blender.


Q. Do you sell Cognac?

A. Yes, We have our own Drinks In Tubes Cognac Gift Pack, which includes: VS, VSOP and XO Cognac by Philippe De Castaigne.

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